About Driving In Heels, the Evolution of Motoring

Whether you are an avid motor car enthusiast or know nothing about your car, Driving In Heels is designed to help women (and some men), navigate though all you need to know about your car, its maintenance and generally enhance your overall driving experience.

Historically, the motor car industry primarily targets the male driver and focuses on speed, revs, engine size, rims and exhaust pipes and other features not as ‘vital’ to a woman! Driving In Heels understands that men and women have similar priorities when it comes to cars, but that these priorities are placed in a vastly different sequence.

Driving In Heels aims to embrace, not only who the female driver is but how her lifestyle and mindset has evolved, her attitude towards the motor industry and subsequent needs from it.

“We’re here to empower you in everything that is car related”

The woman behind the wheel

me-2-copy-300x300Vuyi, Managing Director and brain-child behind Driving In Heels, is a brand marketing consultant, who has spent the past seven years consulting in the corporate marketing affairs of various blue chip clients. After leaving the corporate world, Vuyi sought to pursue her first love – cars – and has turned that passion into a viable career. Vuyi has identified a gap in how the motor industry could better acknowledge the financial buying power and influence of women in the motor and bike sector. Vuyi has completed various driver training courses.

Fun, knowledgeable and easy to understand, Vuyi is your average girl next door, but with a huge passion for motor cars, speed and all that makes cars tick. The combination of this passion and her keen business sense has resulted in Vuyi seeking to be an interface between the motor industry and its women audience.  More about Vuyi


“Vuyi adds a refreshing female touch to the Buyer’s Guide panel discussions, not to mention a welcome touch of glamour. When the boys get carried away and the petrol in their veins start flowing too freely, the Driving in Heels poster girl is always them to bring them back down to earth with rational, logical consumer advice. A passionate petrolhead herself, Vuyi’s insightful and entertaining comments have helped make the experience of car buying a great deal less daunting for many of IGNITION’s female viewers.”
Francois Oosthuizen Ignition Live (DSTV Channel 189)

“Vuyi brings a sparkle to a variety of shows on IGNTION.  With her no-nonsense attitude she takes on her male counterparts with aplomb thanks to her well researched answers and in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the products they deliver.  Our viewers have always enjoyed her frank delivery on programmes such as Buyer’s Guide and she provides a valuable female voice and opinion in an often male dominated world.”
Natasha Shepard (Assistant Executive Producer) Ignition Live (DSTV Channel 189)