Driving Divas Workshops


Sponsored by Sasol turbofuels, the Workshops emanate from the basic principles of Driving In Heels, and are designed to educate, inform and empower female motorists & road users on various aspects of:
Newly launched vehicles  |  Vehicle safety elements |  Basic maintenance and mechanical & technical vehicular know-how |  Vehicle and occupant safety, with a focus on pregnancy, infant & child safety  |  General vehicle financial & insurance information |  General legislative matters
“Sasol recognizes that women are an integral part of South Africa’s passenger motoring industry because of better economic conditions, yet women are not as knowledgable about basic vehicle know-how as they could be”. says Zolile Ntukwane, General Manager.
According to Ntukwane, sponsoring the Driving In Heels Driving Divas Workshops, demonstrates Sasol’s commitment to demonstrating the value it places on the safety of South African road users, particularly women.  ”For Sasol, safety is about people and what is of paramount importance to us is that every Sasol customer returns home safely at the end of each day.”  Ntukwane said.  ”As a thought leading company, Sasol welcomes this uniquely educational, ground breaking initiative and socially relevant opportunity to partner with Vuyi Jabavu in what we believe will help create better, more safety conscious drivers,” he added.

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